Friday, January 9, 2015

Tribe Previsions Hammock Review

The Tribe Previsions  hammock is small, compact and lightweight but is still able to handle a heavy payload. One of the first things that prompted me to look into this hammock was the price, for under $40 you get more than you pay for, making it ideal for a budget conscious backpacker like me. 

The hammock packs into a small bag (that's attached) and is very lightweight. The Tribe Previsions logo also glows in the dark.

Right out of the bag the hammock is ready to go, they provide extra rope to use incase the trees (or whatever you're hanging it from) are a little too far apart.

I've used this hammock now on numerous occasions and still can't find anything I don't like about it, it's supports my weight just fine (I'm about 180lbs) and the material is well stitched.

All in all this hammock is a no brainer, compared to the more expensive Eno's, I really can't find a reason to not pick Tribe Previsions (other than brand loyalty). Thanks for checking out my blog and have a wonderful day!