Wednesday, March 26, 2014

If you're over 18, able bodied, not currently in college, have a job (and or money) and you have a desire to travel, then my question is, whats holding you back? There are so many things in life that seem really "important" but in the grand scope of your life, are so insignificant. Jobs and money come and go, friends will "grow up" and get boring, school doesn't guarantee anything and fame/recognition is frivolous! But, if  9-5 jobs, mini vans, white picket fences, coffee dates and Superbowl parties are really what you're into then, more power to you! I've only been to a handful of different states and countries, and even though my traveling experience is somewhat less than those who I look up and aspire to, I can tell you this I WOULDN'T TRADE MY ADVENTURES AND EXPERIENCES FOR ANYTHING! When I talk of traveling, I mean actually indulging yourself in another culture, not just being a tourist and seeing a new part of the world. You'll be surprised how much your outlook on life will change when you see life through the eyes of someone who  has so much joy having so much less. And the people who have more, and look down on you like a second rate citizen, you'll understand how it must feel when the less fortunate look at you. Getting out of this red, white and blue comfort zone will humble you and change the way you live your life. I wont lie its a lot harder than just sitting in front of your computer and re-blogging "wanderlust" tags on Tumblr, but if you seriously have wanderlust in your bones, the only one stopping you...... is you!

Monday, July 22, 2013

So this is probably really impractical for most people but in some situations it is very helpful to own a "B" cam. Having a good (but in most cases cheaper) camera kit to cover second angles or to just serve as a back up, is really helpful if you're a one man show. For me having a cheaper camera like my newly acquired T2i, is great because it gives me the same quality images that my 60D does (both photo and video) but is smaller, attracts less attention and most of all, cheap! Combined with a nifty fifty the setup still gives me great images but I feel less paranoid about walking around in public or being a little more rough with it. Because I'm going to be in Brasil this fall I am obviously gonna be shooting photos and video a lot! So if I "ugly-fi" my little t2i I'll be less likely to get robbed ( it happens a lot down there ) and even if I do, better to lose my cheaper camera than my 60D and my spendy lenses.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

When I go out to shoot video there are so many different pieces of gear that I like to bring; tripods, sliders, steadicams, jibs, lights, mics etc. But when I go out to take photos I like to pack as light as possible. Since I am a huge fan of Joey L's work I know that it's possible to create stunning images using only one flash. Sure I don't use a phase one with professional studio strobes but the techniques are the same. Using natural light as the hair light then using a flash for the key really creates some cool photos. That's all I've been rolling with and it's all I've needed so far.
My light strobist set up:
-Canon 60D
-Sigma 17-50mm f2.8
-2x aperture trigmasters 
-1x Neewer TT-560

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Over the years I've built many handles to accommodate the cameras I've owned, anything from an hv30 to a gripped T2i. Many people have said that they liked my  simple yet effective design and were wondering if I'd make them one. So now that I've found a way to make them for pretty cheap, I've been thinking to start making a few for anyone who'd want to purchase one. So many handles on the market today are either feeble quality, too expensive or don't offer the features that skate filmers want. My goal is to produce handles that are affordable, look good, well built and have the attachment and counter balancing features that skate filmers need. Stay tuned for more updates.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

So this coming November my friends and I are going to be funding our own trip back down to northeast Brasil to create a series of micro documentaries on the cultural lifestyles of people in the Northeast, the series will be called "Pessoas do Nordeste" which means " People of the Northeast". For most professionals who travel all the time its not too big of a deal, but for us it kinda is. So for the next 7 months I'm going to be planning, making contacts, packing, and just making sure everything that needs to happen, does. The biggest decisions that I'll have to be making is what gear I'm gonna bring with me. I have a bunch of filmmaking gizmos that i would love to bring with me but its just not that practical. So stay tuned cause I'll be doing some "pre-production" blog videos for the next 7 months on the progress and planning of this new adventure.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Ok so shooting stars isn't the hardest thing to do, but shooting a time lapse of stars is kinda tricky, cause you gotta have a really long shutter (like 20 to 30 seconds) then a delay for the interval. So you're only getting around 2 photos a minute and to make a good time lapse you need atleast 200-300 photos imo. Another thing to take into consideration is the rule of 600, and that refers to the focal length of your lenses and how long of a shutter you can have before the stars start to leave a light streak. For example if I shot the stars on a 30mm then that would be 600 divided by 30 = 20, which means I could only have a 20 second shutter before the stars would start to leave light streaks. Hopefully I'll get some good lapses in the future but this attempt wasn't too great.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Since posting my ''cheap audio solution'' video on my main channel I have been getting a lot of questions on how it works, what cameras it works with, that it doesn't work etc. So I thought I'd answer some questions here on my blog. First off I'm by no means an audio expert but here is how I understand it, the preamp in your camera is the audio interface that tells your camera how sensitive it should be to sound, so the higher you put the gain the more sensitive the preamp will be and you'll get louder audio. But because the preamps in the canon cameras are very poor, even setting the gain to pick up normal audio levels you get a lot of hiss and background noise. So the way I see it is the more sensitive you make your preamp to sound the more noise and hiss you get, so the solution is to turn the gain level on your preamp extremely low and this gets rid of the noise, but the only problem is you won't hear any sound using the on camera mic with the preamp's sensitivity set so low. So the way we beat that is boosting the levels of an external mic before it goes into the camera, so we still get a good audio signal even with the gain set extremely low. Thats what I did with the fiio E3, I simply boosted the levels of my mic before it went into my camera so I wouldn't have to use the preamp in my camera to get the correct signals. This idea can work with a lot of different gear and different cameras but its important to know why you'd do something like what I did and why it works.
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