Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My ever growing bucket list!

Recently I lost my original bucket list, so I've tried to remember all the things I wanted to do. Here are some that I remembered and I'll undoubtedly be adding more and more as time goes by! 

- Learn to speak 3 different languages fluently

- Take a helicopter ride through the Columbia river gorge

- Watch the sunset from the top of a skyscraper in New York City 

- Star gaze in the back of a pick up truck full of pillows 

- Swim with dolphins 

- Go to Ireland (drink in an Irish pub) 

- Train hop for a few weeks (anywhere)

- Visit the Amazon (hold a sloth)

- Backpack in Patagonia 

- Travel to Iceland, hike, explore and learn to pronounce some Icelandic phrases

-  Ride an elephant 

- Cliff jump in Hawaii 

- See the 7 wonders of Oregon

- Skate Kona 

- Skate through New York 

- Try real sushi in Japan 

- Take aerial photo/videos 

- Photograph dangerous predators 

- See pulpit rock

- Meet/shoot with Joey L

- Road trip across the country with friends

- Visit Machu Picchu

- Hang glide in Rio 

- Visit the South Georgia islands

- Backpack Europe 

- Visit New Zealand (find Weta workshop and meet Richard Taylor) 

- Free climb to the top of a city bridge 

- Camp in the Mojave desert 

- See the northern lights

- Go to the Great Wall of China

- Explore Switzerland 

- Go on a giant rope swing 

- Swim in water caves in Brazil 

- Travel by horseback for several days (anywhere) 

- Learn how to back or front flip (no trampoline) 

- Photograph a riot or protest

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